PSCX Team Looking for Sponsors for 2018

Last year Andrew and I put together a CX budget really not knowing what that meant, where it would actually take us, or whether it was enough money or way too much money. We brought our Google Doc into the Pony Shop, and they made our season happen – even though we previously had no results, no experience, and just a tiny glimmer of promise.

We ended the season with tons of UCI points, 3 podiums, a (shitty?) podcast, and thousands of miles on the VW Golf. We only needed to replace one bottom bracket and one headset and one chain! But we (Andrew) did flat a number of tubulars, and we realized that you can’t race and then pit for your significant other and then take professional photos from the pit at the same time. And also you can’t blow through all the tolls in New Jersey and hope it just goes away.

Our 2018 season is looking pretty fricken awesome so far. But we still need a lil’ help to make the season happen, and to get to Chicago to work with all of the awesome kids, ladies, and amateurs in Chicagoland who really serve as the face of cyclocross: the community that puts on the best amateur series in the country and gave us our start in the sport.

We’re looking for partners to join the Pony Shop CX team and help us grow what we started in 2017. We are committed to improving each year, but we can’t do it alone. I’m not going to say it takes a village because everyone and their mom uses that saying, but, it takes a village. And we can provide great ROI with our coolness and through the fact that we will interact with over 10,000 people this year and drive at least as many miles.

If you’re looking to market your product to people of all ages and CX abilities, contact us. You can also find our media kit here.

(Photo by Bruce Buckley)

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