Erica Zaveta race report: Major Taylor

Major Taylor D2-871 (1)

Erica had a breakout weekend of racing for the season this past weekend in Indianapolis, getting onto form at the perfect time leading into our home UCI race in Hendersonville, NC and then nationals in Tacoma, WA.

The entire Pony Shop team was together racing at Major Taylor CX in Indianapolis, Indiana this past weekend which made this weekend one of the most fun of the season. I had a fast start both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I grabbed the hole shot and Sunday I was riding 2nd or 3rd wheel for the first two laps. It always feels good to start the race off well. On both days, temperature and weather were great, cold but not freezing, tacky but not dry.

Sunday was an exciting race, it was both physically and tactically challenging. After the first two laps I found myself with Sammi Runnels racing for 4th. I followed her for a few laps and attacked her on the last lap. I held the lead onto the final finishing straight but she got me in the sprint, it was a good race!

Major Taylor-056 (1)

Seeing my teammates have good races was just as exciting as racing myself. Courtney overcame a shoulder injury and raced Sunday gaining more experience at the UCI level. Rory had his best UCI race finish with 6th place. He and Andrew were in a chase group together. Rory attacked the chase group and Andrew used smart team tactics to aid Rory the best he could. Andrew finished 8th on the day. It was a great show of teamwork.

Photos by SnowyMountain Photography

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