Nationals race recap: Erica Zaveta


The 2019 US Cyclocross nationals was held in Tacoma, Washington. The weather was rainy throughout the week but tapered off by the weekend, yielding a wet, thin, muddy course.

The main features of the course were three steep run-ups followed by three steep descents. These muddy run-ups made for hard ascents, and two of descents were steep rutted shoots. The final descent was a long tricky off-camber. 

After riding a number of laps during Saturday’s course inspection I was able to loosen up and let the bike move on the slick muddy terrain. I finished the pre-ride by sessioning the final long off-camber descent as this was the most difficult course feature for me.


Sunday morning the sun came out making for great race day weather. The course was lined with spectators cheering and having a good time. The energy on course was amazing, the crowds and excitement fueled my motivation and excitement for the race.

 I rode all the features well and did my best on the climbs. After suffering two front flats some mechanicals I was able to hold on to 18th on the day.

 Courtney grew as a cross racer learning new skills with the challenging course and racing her first elite cyclocross nationals.


Rory and Andrew once again found each other during the race and were able to ride together over the majority of the race, placing 20th and 21st. 

Our success on the bike was made possible by Cole and Bobby with their work on the bikes and in the pit. In addition to Rory’s family providing us housing for the week. It was a true team effort.

Photos by Bruce Buckley

One thought on “Nationals race recap: Erica Zaveta

  1. Thanks for sharing and Great job to all the Pony Shop Elites. Was great to see the distinct and classy Pony Shop colors flying at Nationals!!

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