This page is for the Pony Shop’s UCI cyclocross contingent: Andrew Giniat and Lily Williams. We say “contingent” because The Pony Shop, of Evanston, IL, has been around for awhile and has done a lot of work to promote and develop cyclocross in Chicagoland, and throughout the Midwest, most notably through their active junior, amateur, and master’s cyclocross program.

Giniat and Williams are The Pony Shop’s representation on the UCI scene for the second year in a row. The purpose of the PSCX program is to promote national-level cyclocross to the juniors of the Chicagoland area. Giniat and Williams both began their CX careers at the well-renowned Chicago Cyclocross Cup, and have gradually gained the skills and experience to race at the national level. Their goals are to share these experiences with new riders, and serve as a conduit from Chicago to the national cyclocross scene.

Andrew Giniat

Bruce Buckley

“I’ve always ridden bikes, mostly off-road, but didn’t try racing until 2013 when a co-worker encouraged me to come and do a local cx race in the Chicago Cross Cup. Every year since then I’ve been drawn deeper into the sport. This will be my second season tackling a full Pro CX calendar and am excited for the challenge. I also love racing on the road and race for the UCI Continental Team, Cyclus Sports during the spring and summer. When riding bikes the things I enjoy most are climbing and doing brappy stuff on singletrack.

Off the bike, in 2017 I completed a degree in Economics at DePaul University. I enjoy reading, drinking lots of espresso and playing outside. Other things I really like are Trap music, Indian food and Pamplemousse La Croix (duh).”

Lily Williams

Major Taylor Cyclocross
Ethan Glading

“I started riding in 2016. I had spent four years as a scholarship runner at Vanderbilt University but was no longer in love with running upon graduation. When I moved to Chicago for graduate school I started working at a bike shop and my coworkers convinced my to try cyclocross, where I quickly had success but more importantly, became completely enamored with the sport.

I finished my first season on the bike with a 2nd at collegiate cross nats and decided to pursue cycling all in while I finished my degree. Andrew and his coach both graciously allowed me to sit on Andrew’s wheel during all of my first road season and I collected enough results to sign with the UCI team, Hagens Berman | Supermint, for 2018.

Outside of cycling I work as the communications director for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bike Index, and spend a lot of time reading, sewing, writing, listening to music, and helping Andrew decide what haircuts to get. My favorite kind of riding includes mellow climbing, gravel, and singletrack.”