What sponsorship means and why we choose Bike Index

One of the most excellent things about cyclocross is that you can create your own team, race at the UCI level, and call yourselves pros. It’s nice to have some results to back up your ‘pro’ designation, but unlike road, UCI racing isn’t restricted to just UCI teams. The other most legitimately excellent thing about … More What sponsorship means and why we choose Bike Index

Episode 2: Trek

Here is our second podcast. It’s a little shorter than the first, so we’re getting better about adhering to our 30 minute rule. We’ve left the homeland of the Midwest after two great weeks of racing, and are back in the other homeland of NC for awhile. We’ll be taking a break from racing this … More Episode 2: Trek

Episode 1!

Jingle Cross 2017 We’ve recorded our first podcast. We’ve dropped it like it’s hot. Sorry. We’ll be bringing you race recaps, interviews, etc. all season. Any recommendations – let us know.