Schedule and Results

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2018 schedule 

Sept. 15-16: Nittany Lion Cross, Breinigsville, PA, C2s

  • Day 1: Andrew 10th

Sept. 21-23: Trek CX Cup, Waterloo, WI, C2 and World Cup

  • C2: Lily 12th, Andrew 25th
  • Pro 1/2 (Sat): Andrew 11th
  • Pro 1/2 (Sun): Andrew 5th
  • World Cup: Lily 25th

Sept. 24-27: Juniors and amateur clinics, Chicago

Sept. 28-30: Jingle Cross, Iowa City, IA, C1, World Cup, and C2

  • C2: Lily 2nd, Andrew 11th
  • World Cup: Lily 27th
  • C1: Lily 11th, Andrew 29th

Oct. 6-7: Charm City CX, Baltimore, MD, C1 and C2

  • C1: Lily 9th, Andrew 19th
  • C2: Lily 6th, Andrew 16th

Oct. 20-21: DCCX, Washington DC, C2s

  • Day 1: Lily 6th, Andrew 9th
  • Day 2: Lily 7th, Andrew 9th

Oct. 27-28: Cincy CX Festival, Cincinnati, OH, C1 and C2

  • C1: Lily 20th
  • C2: Lily 13th, Andrew 36th

Nov. 3-4: Ciclocross Manlleu and Gran Premi Internacional ciutat de Vic, ESP, C2s

  • Manlleu: Lily 8th, Andrew 30th
  • Vic: Lily 5th, Andrew 24th

Nov. 11: XXVI Cyclo-cross de Karrantza, ESP, C2

  • Lily 3rd, Andrew 24th

Dec. 1-2: Resolution Cross Cup, Garland, TX, C2s

  • Day 1: Lily 4th, Andrew 15th
  • Day 2: Lily 4th, Andrew 11th

Dec. 8-9: NCGP, Hendersonville, NC, C2s

  • Day 1: Lily 1st, Andrew 14th

Dec. 16: Nationals, Louisville, KY

2017 results

Jingle Cross, UCI C1, Iowa City

  • Lily: 30th
  • Andrew: 36th

Jingle Cross, UCI C2, Iowa City

  • Lily: 10th
  • Andrew: 18th

Trek CXC, UCI C2, Waterloo

  • Lily: 23rd
  • Andrew: 34th

Trek CXC, Pro 1/2, Waterloo

  • Lily: 3rd
  • Andrew: 4th Singlespeed

Charm City Cross, UCI C1, Baltimore

  • Lily: 9th
  • Andrew: 29th

Charm City Cross, UCI C2, Baltimore

  • Lily: 13th
  • Andrew: 25th

DCCX, UCI C2, Washington DC

  • Lily: 4th
  • Andrew: 11th

DCCX, UCI C2, Washington, DC

  • Lily: 6th
  • Andrew: 22nd

HPCX, UCI C2, Jamestown, NJ

  • Lily: 3rd
  • Andrew: 11th

HPCX, UCI C2, Jamestown, NJ

  • Lily: 4th
  • Andrew: 13th

Derby City Cup, UCI C1, Louisville

  • Lily: 18th
  • Andrew: 28th

Derby City Cup, Pan Ams, Louisville

  • Lily: 11th
  • Andrew: 15th

Major Taylor ‘Cross Cup, UCI C2, Indianapolis

  • Lily: 6th
  • Andrew: 11th

Major Taylor ‘Cross Cup, UCI C2, Indianapolis

  • Lily: 5th
  • Andrew: 12th

NC Grand Prix, UCI C2, Hendersonville

  • Lily: 2nd
  • Andrew: 10th

NC Grand Prix, UCI C2, Hendersonville

  • Lily: 2nd
  • Andrew: 15th

USAC CX Nationals, Reno

  • Lily: 8th